When you're not flying you....

Jamie4590 Guest

What do you enjoy when you're not high above the ground? I write music and play Snooker. Almost turned pro when I was younger (until I realised I'm not good enough)

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Insight Chief Captain

ride my motorbike / play other games 😎


Munkeh Guest

Play counter strike source,


Make money from mugs on ebay (a lot of income to be mad, i assure you).

That's about it really 😀 I have the most exciting life. 😉 🙄

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Trade in the stock market. Sometime, I even make money. 😂

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Donald Stratton (GoneGolfing) First Officer

Working, Programming .NET, Babysitting, Listening to wifes orders,
Cleaning the yard (I hate Fall), Washing the car and Posting on here.

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violentviolet First Officer

GoneGolfing wrote:

Listening to wifes orders

ROFL ROFL ROFL,You and a whole lot more.

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