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I wonder why they took off the 777. It was a newish long range jet. I understand that there is a 747, but is older and less exciting. It seems that we now have two shorter range jets (737 and airbus) instead of 2 long ones. I wonder why they didn't put in a new long one as the 747 is kinda old. Also, if you go to the map, you can go waaay higher than even the GPS satellites orbit. I would've liked to see a space shuttle vehicle out of Florida's Kennedy Space center maybe, or at least a super-high altitude jet. Please let me know what you think!!

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I mean, how come FS 2004 has a 777 and FSX (a newer, better version) doesn't. It just dosn't make sense that it would be taken out. WEeneed a newer long range plane in the game!

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oh ok lol you scared me for a sec anyways I agree 100%

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What did you think I meant? 🙂

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What does it matter which default planes it comes with. There will be plenty of freeware and payware aircraft available, almost immediately.

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So they got rid of the awful MS777?
Even if the 'Goose' that'll be part of the FSX hangar turns out to be a dud -- I think the swap is a good one.

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ohh man. i love flying them. Wall Bashing

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What about a space craft? I mean, even in the demo, you can put your plane waaay above high altitude Earth orbit. Its a shame they didn't give us something for space.

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