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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Once again, I felt like flying around Hong Kong but not until I added a modification or two to that part of my FS world. Well, I discovered some photo-real terrain of Hong Kong and all it's beutiful little Islands.

Before I give you a link I'd like to ask a quick question.

I have one problem, I've got the FlightSoft Hong Kong scenery and this obviously came with it's own terrain. So would anyone be kind enough to give me any ideas or guidance as to how to remove this terrain without removing my Kai Tak scenery so I can add the new terrain that I found.

Thanks for your patience to get to the link:
Note: you must login to get the file, it's 165mb and is ranked number on the the list if you
can't find it, it's file name is:

Here's a few screenies

P.S I'm away tell Friday so I may not be able to reply until then.[/img]

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, what do you think of the scenery?

Any ideas for my Kai Tak would be great to.

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Greyson Bassett (greystone) Trainee

JVD-- Loved your scenery add-on for Hong Kong. I spent four years there and actually got to fly Cathay Pacific's 747-400 simulator doing the over city approach to Kai Tak. Whew! That's an interesting approach in a 747! In any case, good job. I think I'll reload FS and fly on over to Macau for some seafood. 😎

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Taylor First Officer

i like the pics

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Have a look in the sceney folder and remove anything thats not related to Kai Tak airport
This is going to be trial and error and may not work properly altogether,but if you must,its worth a try
The mesh files may be the same as you have already(it should tell you the resolution in the read me of both d/loads)

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Look like my going away has been posponed.Will be here after all.

TTT. long time no write. I gave your idea a try a what a difference it made. However it wasn't the difference I was looking for as there was one man bgl file that basically removed the entire scenery and the rest hardly had any visual difference.

I must say greystone, I know just where you're coming from with the simulator.Did you ever eat some of those garlic prawns at one of the nights markets in Kowloon, man I never had anything else quite like it. It was wonderful.

Thanks for the replies 😎

I just have one question however. The terrain looks more like FS98 or FS2000 terrain [It's not the terrain I reccomended for you guys,the Flightsoft terrain], so I was hoping one of you would know an old scenery creating program that probably made those mountains in-order for me to remove them.

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