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Hello everyone!

Why don't we submit pictures, ideas, wishes for FSX, and dream PC wishes here??

You can post Pictures of FSX. No fs9 pics allowed.
You can post ideas of features you would like to have in FSX, and also flights you would like to make in FSX.
You can post wishes, such as features you wish Microsof would add to FSX.
And, also, best of all, you can post your dream PC specifications and hardware here!!!!

Lets just have FUN!

Let me start with my wishes, ideas, etc. I cannot post pictures now but I will later....

What features would I like FSX to have? Well, it would be GREAT if there would be an aircraft maker/editor in FSX so that you don't have to use a separate program (like gMax) to create aircraft. X-Plane, I belive, already has that feature. Another great thing would be a scenery editor!

I wish FSX would have support for the Ageia Physics Procceser. Image how nice the graphics would be! Fast particle systems, very accurate crashes, etc!!!!

Now my dream PC, if I would get one, I would be in debt for 10 years. Not to mention a fugitive. Running away from the people I owe the money to. Anyway, here is my DREAM PC:

Intel Core 2 Extreme Edition (the fastest one out there)
4 nVidia cards WITH DX10!!!!!!!!
8 gigs of ram (with Vista)
30 inch ultrasharp widescreen moniter.
The BEST type of motherboard. (im not sure which one that might be)
Logitech Force Feedback Wireless Joystick
Ageia Physics Procceser
Razer Diamondback gaming mouse
Surround sound speakers......

Happy posting!

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encarta2006 Trainee

Oh I forgot to mention you can post FSX vidoes too If you want! 😀 😀 😂 😂 😎 😎 🙂 🙂 Surprised Surprised

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

This is a nice idea but i just want to let you know that there was a sticky post here created by RadarMan about What we want to see in FSX or something familiar...It has thousands of replies with wishes,ideas and more.
In this forum(I mean the FSX General one) you-we can found a load of shots ,videos etc.

It was a nice idea of yours though... 👍
Although i believe that there is no luck of any wish list this moment because FSX is already ready.

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