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Anthony Katosh Guest

firstly welcome to IAAG (international air alliance group)

We have set up the alliance for some of the finest european and American virtual airlines out there in the flight sim world. Any virtual airline carrying our logo states that it is in the top few percent of all airlines out there and you can be sure that when you join any alliance airline that your joining the best and most enjoyable. We have a set of strict requirements to separate the men from the boys and a virtual airline must meet these requirements before they join. Furthermore you can find out the latest news and events from all the members airlines and keep in touch with the busy pace of virtual aviation.

What we offer is a expert painting team for those airlines in need of getting there fleet painted, Also some staff members will help fellow CEOS in there web design. We also have our very own IAAG Fleet.

please feel free to have a peak at our airlines on the members page and also whats been going on recently at all of the airlines in the News and events section

thank you
Anthony Katosh
Blue Sky Virtual

Darren walsh
Erie Air go Virtual
Co-Founder IAAG

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