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I am currently looking into learning to fly and weighing up what it will cost etc

I have the choice of a couple of air clubs at my local air park. British Airways and another, Wycombe Aviation or something..

British Airways are considerably more expensive to learn with BUT.. the aircraft you learn in is a Piper Warrior - the other club only has Cessnas to learn in... given my hatred for Cessnas and their likeness to cars with wings and a funny looking steering mechanism I feel loathed to learn on them - but - they are alot cheaper than the BA club


what to do?

Learn to fly more cheaply but potentially not enjoy it and once I have a license join a different club to fly more interesting aircraft (one of the BA aircraft is the Chipmunk I had a trial lesson in and I really have my eye set on this 😀 ) or, pay more and enjoy the experience more overall?

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A lot depends on your size! 😂 The 150 is more limited to smaller lighter pilots where the PA28 will allow for larger individuals. This may therefore ease the decision. Regarding light aircraft given the choice I prefer to fly the Piper although I did my PPL and a few hundred hours on the 150/152. As far as light training aircraft go they are similar both very stable. I would look at both clubs and see what they have to offer, do they offer ground lectures, weigh up all offerings, ask students at both clubs about servicability of ac, enough instructors etc.

Enjoy the training whatever you decide to do.

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Hi Insight, lucky fellow, I've had a few lessons with my sons paying the fees, couldn't afford it myself.

But for a never to be forgotten experience try a Tiger Moth, fantastic, blows all the cob-webs away, but as PH said about size, then the TM is a very tight squeeze. And when the instructor in the back seat wagglles the stick left and right while taxying, you get a few bruises on your knees. But still worth a flight. The 152 is a beautiful pussycat to fly, an absolute dream, but again space can be a mite tight, but if your lucky like me, and have a gorgeous blonde female instructor, "Who cares"! 😂 😂

Whatever you do, don't change your mind, wish I was younger and working, I'd be up in the air as much as poss.

3 words. Go for it!

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Thanks guys

I am yet to do my sums to see if I can find the funds but I have always wanted to learn to fly and feel I have finally developed my sensible face enough for me to have a go..

I would also like to be more proficient for the flight in the Spitfire for which I am on the waiting list for 🙂

I am 6'1" tall and weigh about 14 stone and I hate cessnas 🙂

I will go along and see both clubs but I can see myself steering to the BA club on the basis they have a Chipmunk sat there that I *might* be able to get my grubby mitts on again 🙂

I flew it for most of my trial flying lesson and set it up on finals and flew about half way down the approach before the instructor took over, when he did he didn't have to make any major adjustments that I noticed so I felt quite pleased with myself 🙂

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Once you are behind the controls,who cares,you wont.Trust me,just getting airbourne is a delight

How about learning the basics at the cheaper club and then moving on to the other club.This way you will feel more comfortable with the lessons already under your belt and you should be able to enjoy your surroundings,ie the cockpit a lot more 😉

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Whats wrong with a cessna? lol I like it then again im small.

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