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Ok....YEY First Solo Flight Part 2

CaptainKW Guest i know the other day i posted bragging about the excitement of my first ever solo flight with landing! HOWEVER after much deliberation, contemplation and conversation with people here and occured to me that i had actually followed someone and had them in my ear telling me what to i dont really think i can count that as my inaurgral trip into the skys alone...

Now begins part deux (2)....
..Its early morning at London Gatwick and a small Cessna Skyplane sits awaiting clearance from gate 22 -small gate. Yes this is it my first proper, now help, complete IFR flight from London Gatwick to Luton. And im happy to give u a quick rundown:

Taxi to runway - PERFECT

Hold for TakeOff - PERFECT


Following ATC hdg's and alttitude - PERFECT

Decent - PERFECT

Approach (autopilot) - OK - everything seemed to be perfect but turbulance was hinding my approach abit. Im a complete novice but like to test myself and there was quite abit of turbulance on my decent and approach into Luton. Also i had the same problem as before...As i got close to the runway i suddenly realised that i was way off centre to the middle of the runway and actually heading for grass on the side. Duno if anyone has any ideas or advise for me but i did successfully use the rudder instead of turning properly and i lined up ok...came down nicely but bounced! came down a second time, smoother than a babies bottom after its been tended to with baby oil.

TaxiOff Runway -PERFECT

overall im well chuffed, followed everything to the T and ended up having a pretty good approach, obviously it takes time etc but i think im well on my way now and i wud like to thank everyone that has helped me (bit cheesy i know but i really mean that) thankyou

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Good job Captain 😉 👍

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Nicely done CaptainKW 👍

CaptainKW Guest

Like i said if anyone has any advise, little tricks or anything like that.. that cud help me line up the Cessna on approach, that wud be brilliant..its the only problem i had.

At what point shud i put my flaps out? as well??

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

The main things are small and gradual control movements whilst waiting for the aircraft to respond before making another movement. Also, maintaining 65-70kts on approach will greatly help.

As for flaps, if you are entering on the traffic pattern which most GA aircraft do on approach, is 10 degrees when abeam the runway numbers on downwind at a speed of your Vs x 0.8, verifying that your speed is below Vfe so you don't rip the wings off.

On base, apply 20 degrees of flaps at a speed of around 75kts (Vs x 0.7).

You can use more than 20 degrees flaps if you wish, but the standard is 20, for a small Cessna.

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Are you talking in real life or FS?


CaptainKW Guest

Sorry Jolegg but what does "abeam the runway numbers on downwind mean?" i think i found one problem is that im coming in too fast! still maintaining about 85kts so im a bit fast on approach! its just what u said about abeam and all that i dont understand 😀 thanx for ur advise and help Jolegg ur quite fantastic!

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

A diagram of a traffic pattern:,%20images/Traffic%20pattern.jpg

You'll see that on the downwind leg, you pass the end of the runway where 36 is - which is what I mean by "abeam the numbers". When you are level with 36 you should (in the real world GA) set fuel selector on, turn carb heat on, set mixture rich and flaps 10.

Speed is a great determinent of a good landing so try and stick to those speeds and see how you get on.

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