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hi everyone, i am having some trouble. i have fsp so i have to press the alt button a lot, now on my keyboard the alt button automatically opens the search engine and so closes fight sim down. is there any way i can get to either stop the alt key from opening a search engine or change the alt button on fs9 to something else, i did have a look on assignments but couldnt find anything.

thanks in advance for your help

happy flying Very Happy

ARD_DC Guest

Given the fact that your ALT key serves as a windows function key, I would say it is most inconvenient to have this key start up an application (?!?). As your regular windows hotkey is of the "CTRL+ALT+..." format, and not just one single button, I'm lead to believe this problem is something caused by a setting this application forced upon your system and has nothing to do with windows or FS9.
Try to open this "search engine" and look through the options/settings to find the hotkey-option. I'd expect that it must be somewhere.

If you can't find it, I personally would just get rid of the application, check that the problem has dissappeared, then re´nstall it and choose a different hotkey combination for this application if prompted.

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