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ATC message text color .. How !!

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Katana Trainee

Hi fellow pilots

I have just started installed and started the FS. When I turn on the ATC auto-open message, the text colr is white and the board is white too.

I strugged to figure out how to change it but couldn't.

Please help

ARD_DC Guest

Hello Katana (same katana from "silence" ? Wink)

As you may know, the ATC windown should have a blue transparent background, the menu text should be white, all transmissions yellow, except for the ones directed at you which should be green. I do not know of a way to change these colours (and I would doubt this is actually possible without changing source files) If all other objects display correctly (environment, aircraft, gauges etc) I'd assume something unfortunately went wrong in the installation process..? 🙄

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