New Graphics card ..... PLZ PLZ help

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I have just installed a new graphics card which is a
Geforce 6 , 256mb . When i go to load flight sim up the first screen comes and then exits . I get no further than the first screen ........ooh and i have the lastest graphics driver installed . PLEASE HELP

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Are you saying that the splash screen (the one with the DC-3) comes up then crashes back to the desktop or what.
Did it work berore you installed the new card.


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Yeah thats right, it was working before, my old card was an onboard 128mb. i have tried the simx demo and its working fine'''. simx works but sim 04 no!

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Sometimes the drivers aren't compatible with FS2004. I think I saw that problem on another forum.

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Ensure that your Onbard graphics is turned off in the bios. When FS9 starts it will most probably be looking for the onboard card seeing as that was the one you had when it last worked.
If your onboard card is still enabled then you will get a confilct.

Could be plenty of other things though.

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