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Hey all,

I have a Gigabyte SLi motherboard, 7900GTX 512MB, 2GB Geil Ram, AMD Athlon 4000 skt 939, 10,000 rpm raptor 80gb hdd and dvd rw, Now basically I know that everone is getting annoyed about ppl saying "will my computer run fsx" and I know mine will easily, BUT lol, I installed the demo and basically ran crap, It seemed that when I put ALL graphics up high and all texture high with aniti analysing up, it was kind of ok, not great but ok, as soon as i put a little of the vehicals boats or whatever up trees to higher, it ran awful, Now I have read other posts where people have had a much lower spec pcs than me, ie p4 3.0ghx with a geforce 5200 that kind of thing and they said it runs fine, Some people have said its the demo which is basically put together poorly and the full version will be much better, Im just a little worried I have spent alot of money for nothing, If anyone could spread a little light and let me know your views I would be most greatful, This is the best forum I have come across so far,
Cheers everyone

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The demo isn't fully compatiable with all systems. When FSX does come out, your system should work wonders with it!

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From what I understand the demo is a very poor representation of the final product. It is after all listed as a beta.
It ran well on my machine, and I didn't expect that since it's old and slow, nothing at all like yours.
The Duel Chips may be holding the demo back also.
Your not the first with a "super" computer to have problems with it while others like me had success, strange but I wouldn't worry about that.
It will run beautifully on that machine of yours.
If you run Vista later on I would load another gig of ram, maybe 4 if the wallet say's yes.


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Thankyou ever so much, You guys have put my mind at rest, Just cant wait to play it now then ill know for sure hehe, Hey talking about vista, If I put vista on my PC obvously that will have DX10 Will that make any advantages in the game performance and graphics because surely you need the Directx 10 cards to take complete and full advantage?

Cheers all for your help


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FSX demo is neither finished nor optomized to take advantage of todays graphics cards. I read a document from Microsoft somewhere explaining this and that they were pressured into a demo which they had never planned to do.

FSX on its release will be better.

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Im happy now 🙂 Thank you for your comments everyone, If anyone else would like to add I would be most greatful,

Cheers all


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