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Greekman72+Earthqua8kes thanks for your help on my last problem i wonder if anyone can help with the next? I have downloaded certain airports such as Rome Fiumencino. Everything goes fine untill atc gives me the altitude and approach vectors, then when i activate the gps icon to select vectors to final FS9 crashes. This only happens with some addon airports and its bloody annoying when you have just nearly finished a 3 hour flight and your computer goes back to desktop! Once again i need the help of the flyaway Gods. Sorry to be a pain!

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LOL try an 12 hour flight (overnite) descending into fiume and flight sim crashing happened once

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no on flyaway. everyone is here to help or at least try! 😀 😀 i am only here to help. CrashGordon, RadarMan, and Greekman would be of much more use since they seem to no this prgram like the back of their hand. ive have not had this problem before so i cant help much. i think spec of your computer would help. are these airports payware of freeware?
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When FS crashes to the desktop, it doesn't leave many clues. Usually the cause is trying to access memory that is in use by something else.

I would suggest trying several different things. Take the same aircraft from a nearby airport, and use the same landing procedure in Rome. If the same thing happens. on a short flight, we can probably rule out overheating. Try closing the gps before getting to the airport and see if that changes anything. Try a different plane or just flying a GA plane around the airport.

As a last resort, remove the addon scenery and see if the problem goes away. What addon scenery is it that you are using?

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Thanks for your help(again) gents, will try your tips Crash, i don't think its my system specs cos i have a good graphics card and plenty of memory etc etc.The Rome scenery i am using(trying) is the freeware ISD Project and have no problems with the Milan Linate scenery by the same designer.

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