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does anyone know how to calculate the time of a flight on fspassengers. thanks.

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You can get a clue of your flight time from your Navigation Log after you have create a flight.
Keep on mind that this time is calculated from your crafts top speed and the distance,so its an average one.
FSPassengers count time Block-Block which means that Taxiing to or from the Gates,speed to 250knots till 10000f and descending speed are not considering on FS Navigation Log Time.

From small experience, if you add 10-15 minutes more ,for about an hour of FS fly time, with a craft with a cruising speed 280-300 knots, you will be OK.
You have to keep on mind also that some airports are too busy and you have to wait longest in order to Take-off instead of some quite ones which you are taking permission immediately. 😉

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o ok thanks

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If you wana be more precise you need to know the folowing things:

A) how long is your total flightplan
B) how long does it take to get to cruise level (starting the moment you release parking brake)
C) how much distance have you covered when you reach cruise level
D) what is the average ground speed of ur aircraft
E) how far away do you start your desent
F) how long does it take you to get from the start of desent to your gate.

If you know these 6 things you can use this formula:

(A - C - E) / (D) * 60 + B + F = your Estimated Time of arrivel

mayb this sound complicated, but the good thing is that B,C,E an F are always pretty much the same, give or take a few minutes. So after you have calculate every number 1 time you can use it all the time and only need to change the distance of your fligtplan (A) and the average GS(D)

Also, when you are in the middle of your cruise you can use:

(suppose you need to arrive in 55 minutes, and you are 300 nm away from the airport🙂

60/ (55-F) * (300 - E) = 360
So now your ground speed must be 360 kts to arrive on time 🙂

the 60 is from 60 minutes (1 hour)

I know it sound much, but in reality, you only need to work with 2 numbers that change, the distance and the ground speed. all other numbers will usually stay the same. Dont forget to calculate extra time in case ATC makes u fly a very long approach

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I am impressed! Nice Wink

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i vote this be made a sticky...i found this very helpfull! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 ❗ although i dont no if you can do that with a guest's post.

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lol thanks, but it would probably be better placed in the fspassenger forum instead of this 1 (altho I dont like their forums, this 1 is easyer on the eyes 🙄 )
Glad you found this helpful 🙂

(any topic can be made sticky btw, dosent matter guest or not Wink)

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I find that adding 20 minutes before and after the flight time listed in the navigation log on the kneeboard is generally about right. If I know the airport I'm flying into, I will usually know if it is a busy one, or not. Sometimes if I am leaving from a busy airport I'll put 20 minutes on that end but only put 10 minutes on the other end for a less busy airport. I usually know which airports involve long taxing to gates (Example would be KDEN which is notoriously slow in FS9)

Hope this helps.

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Check out this free site, its very good for calculating arrival times for fspax

Enter the departure ICAO (for example KBOS) and the arrival ICAO (for example KJFK) and enter the cruising ground speed of the aircraft you are travelling in

For a 737 I would say about 445 would be great

And the good thing about this site it adds 15 minutes bias onto it, so it allows for speed restrictions etc

Hope this helps


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TimH wrote:

Check out this free site, its very good for calculating arrival times for fspax

👍 Cool site, good find.

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