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My second edit. The original is by Greekman. My 1st one is in the post Greekman made with the Lockheed.

Here goes:

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It has an artistic view Wink ...I would prefer it not so blur(Personal opinon)..But you seem like a growing up Master Editor. Exclamation Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up! Thumbs Up!

If you like some others shots of mine you can pick without asking Wink

Keep up with your nice work Thumbs Up!

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Actually, I think this picture is far better than the last edit you made. What's so nice about the blurry effect is that it makes it seem a lot more real.

The thing is that in GM's original screenshot, the plane looks almost 100% real, though by looking at the scenery you can clearly see that it is a simulator shot. When you blurr it, it's impossible to tell if the scenery is real or not and therefore it makes it look like a real picture!

I wonder what it would look like if you'd edit the plane into a real aviation picture.. hm :p

EDIT: By the way, the next time you edit a picture (which I COMMAND YOU to do because I enjoyed them so much) add both the original one and the edited one so we can see the difference and compare them more easily.

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I have put the original. Thanks Greekman. It is always nice to know that someone enjoys my work!! SeanGa I will make sure that I will always post the original, and I will do another. . . One here and there!

Thanks for the comments! Cheechm

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Better left untouched.

All your doing is blurring it and adding huge borders.

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