Something scary!!

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I had something scary happen!! I was flying VFR on downwind to San diego's Lindburgh field and a C-172 hit me and I crashed because of it!!! I couldn't believe it! I searched through the FS9 flight scenarios to see if it was some kind of pre-programmed thing.

The only thing that would have iced the cake would be if I was flying a PSA 727 instead of a Pan Am.

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Wow, I dont think Microsoft would program something like that into the Flight Sim - that was a tragic event. I would put it down to coincidence, but very strange. Was you flying a 727?

Elkin Guest

YES! I was in a 727. That's what I mean!!

I knew a little about it, the accident, but after that, I really looked into it. I read everything on it. Kinda spooked me.
It happened in '78. A 172 doing training flights and a 727 came together and both planes went down. The 727 went into a community wiping out about 7 houses!!!

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Risky business is the aviation business...
ATC has messed up a couple of times with me. The other day I was cleared for take off and just after that another plane was cleared to land, but in the opposite side of the runway! And other time I was about to land when a 777 flew over me and landed ahead......

Elkin Guest

The scariest moment I had was when ATC was vectoring me past an intersection. I was lazy and wasn't really paying attention until I thought it was a long time since I heard from them. I was IMC and the Mt. Diablo range was in front of me. I computed ground speed and such. I was past the intersection by many miles. I IMMEDIATELY began to turn to 300 degrees and TOLD ATC I was doing this. He came back and said 'Oh yes! Do this...'
I figured I was within 4 miles of cumulogranite city!!! The approach control mngr asked me to call when convenient. He profusely appologised to me.

we talked a bit. I will never forget that night. 3 weeks later a collegue of mine flying the same plane hit the mountain at cruise speed. His fault though.

Good 'ol night IMC in mountanous terraign.

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Wow, I've often wondered if FS9 allows mid-air crashes, I guess your 727 incident proves that it does !! Very spooky that it was with the 172 though ........ !!

FS9 ATC Ground constantly cock up with me, telling me to Hold from the Runway because theres a plane on it - even though I am already ON the Runway and the other plane is in the Holding position !

Elkin Guest

I am new to FS9. I am really getting into it. I have done a lot of ATC flights though. I have had pretty good luck with ATC. Sometimes I hold in position 'jacking' with the switches and such, and ATC will tell others to go around. I have never had a traffic conflict. Except that 172 in KSAN. (But I wasn't using ATC on that flight, only the tower.
I was told on one flight to hold short because of landing traffic. It was a Baron. The baron landed and jammed on the brakes to try and make the taxiway that I was holding on. It was interisting. the baron turned initially, then stopped realizing I was on the taxi way. He then proceeded to backtaxi to another taxiway.

I thought that was cool.

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