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You all might be interested in a free download of the Classic Tiger Moth which includes several paints and 28 flights some of which are based at Barton Airport/Manchester where the RAF trained during WWII.
File name is (8 Mb)and can be had at -
Thought it might take your mind of the United/City 😂

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All I could come up with are the FS2002/FS2004 DeHavilland DH82a and the FS2004 DeHavilland DH82 Tiger Moth but they look like a great aircraft.
Thanks I'll play with them tonight.


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This is one of the two that I downloaded, your right its a beauty and fun to fly.

FS2004 DH82 Tiger Moth OO-TGM.
This is the second version of the aircraft OO-TGM
which is still airworthy with the Flying
Legends Collection who operates from the
airport of Kortrijk-Wevelgem in Belgium.


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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Glad you like them 😂
I have all the Legends Collection - now got more Moths than a bar-room electric light 😂
I originally got the through Google and it was in the same section of as the dh82tgm2 that you downloaded. There are very interesting flights in the file too. 🍻

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