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Sion, Switzerland--ATC tried to kill me!

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Found a very challenging airfield at Sion, Switzerland (LSGS) the process ATC completely fouled up my arrival and approach, turning me over to the tower 10, 000 directly over the runway. Oh well, I declared missed and cancelled my IFR, climbing back up over the Alps to 12K ft. and returning in a power diving landing 10,000 feet deep in a narrow Swiss valley. Once safely on the ground I took a shot at flying a closed pattern at the airfield and found it very tight, challenging quarters. Had to ignore ATC's instruction to fly a left-hand pattern as the valley wall was nearly scraping my left wingtip on takeoff already.

Anyway, if you haven't discovered this field yet, check it out. Very neat approach as you are forced to fly your final on a snaking track through the valley. Has anyone else experienced much bad advice from ATC?

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I have but nothing as serious as your experience.
I had been cleared for takeoff and was lining myself up on the runway from the hold short. I heard ATC speaking to another plane and saying it was cleared to land on runway 12. (The same runway as I was taking off from) so I sat there and watched this big Boeing 777 getting bigger and closer. Anyway, it landed and turned off at the taxi way just before where I was waiting to take off. Pretty scary!

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well the same has happened to me (both of the above) the first being at salzburg - which should be an angled approach down a valley, but FS' ATC can't do that so bomb drop it is...and secondly when landing at zurich a little cessna landed too, at the opposite end. good job i was in an MD-11 Wink

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this happened to me at oshkosh. i was flying the default extra 300 and they cleared a mooney to land straight at me! i took of since the mooney was 10 miles out when cleared to land. ATC for FS9 is horrible Evil or Very Mad . i hope microsoft gets it right in FSX.

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People, I'll never tire of saying it. Fly on VATSIM! Once you taste it, there is no going back.

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I would fly on vatsim its just that they don't accept an msn e-mail Evil or Very Mad

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Bindolaf wrote:

People, I'll never tire of saying it. Fly on VATSIM! Once you taste it, there is no going back.

Yes there is, I could never understand what the bloke was saying 😂

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ATC also tends to lose you from time-to-time.

A while back I departed Denver (KDEN) for Honolulu (PHNL) and ATC turned me north-east. As I approached Canada, they cancelled my flight plan.

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I've often wondered why when I fly an ILS flight plan on FS9 ATC never seem to want to land me... they have my flight plan on file (and say "proceed to xxx airport as filed") but when I'm handed to their approach they merely let me fly off into the sunset rather than provide me landing details.

Am I meant to request a landing? If memory serves me correct the only ATC options are to cancel the flight plan and go VFR instead.

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