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I am flying a flight from reus to bristol and i follow the red line on the map but when i get near bristol at the end of the red line i cant find the runway have anyone got tips on finding the runway please.

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earthqu8kes First Officer

are you flying a flight plan? or VFR using GPS? can you be more specific?

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Visually look for the runway noting any nearby landmarks. Runways are numbered and aligned to magnetic directions. Use your Heading indicator (DG) Directional Gyro to help you judge at what angle you're approaching the runway.

Runway 4-040 degrees
Runway 10-100 degrees
Runway 21-210 degrees
Runway 32-320 degrees

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I haven't been to Bristol, but I have found that a lot of runways are very difficult to see from the air. Grass strips don't have numbers; they are especially difficult to spot. If you can't see it, use GPS, the compass, or whatever other navaids you are available, make the approach, and if you're lucky you'll see the runway right before you crash. 😉


Don Wood Guest

Just a minor clarification of runway headings: The actual magnetic heading for the runway is rounded to derive the runway designation. For instance, RW 100 may have an actual heading between 095 and 104 degrees. The precise heading for any runway is shown on the approach charts and on airport information pages for that runway.

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earthqu8kes wrote:

are you flying a flight plan? or VFR using GPS? can you be more specific?

I doing a flight plan i did another quick flight from manchester to heathrow and i found the runway on that airport is the flight simulater 2004 book worth getting.

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it would be pretty darn hard to miss heathrows runway, mainly as it has 2 very long, very wide tarmac runways but also the whole airport can be spotted from about 40miles in FS.

when you contact the tower for landing clearance, have you also tried asking for the direction? they'll then tell you the direction you need to turn to be head on with the airport. so if 'airport is at your 3 o'clock' then you'd turn 90degrees right.

but yes the runway headings are very helpful. i fly to bristol a lot with my VA, so i know it well - i can't say it is that hard to spot either, no tarmac runway is within flight sim even though it may be quite small. next time you fly there approach at a heading of 270 (west) and you'll be roughly in line with the runway.

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