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Medical Science

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Its incredible the kinds of procedures performed these days. I watched a documentory about an american man with a large anurism in his brain and the only way it could be treated was for him to be clinically dead so it would shrink to an operable size. The procedure only came about by accident when a woman fell through ice and was submerged apart from her head. This saved her life because her head cooled first so when her heart stopped there was no brain activity. Her heart was stopped for an incredible 6 hours but doctors managed to revive her and for the next 3 weeks she was in intensive care as her heart and other organs kept failing. All the while doctors didn't know if she would be brain damaged. In the end she made a full recovery as the way her body cooled prevented brain injury. The same premise applied to the american man and they cooled his body to about 15 degrees and he was effectivelly dead for about 30 minutes while they removed the blood clot from his brain. They then heated his body to restart his heart and thankfully he made a full recovery. Incredible!

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