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Welshflyer Guest

I'd just like to say thank you to all you knowledgeable FS colleagues at flyaway,Radarman,Greekman72 and Earthqua8kes to name but a few.This is without a doubt the best, friendliest, Flightsim site on the net , if i have a problem with fs there is (nearly) always an answer somewhere.
I find it truly amazing that i can be sat in my home(in South Wales,Great Britain), ask for help and it comes from all over the world.If only others could do the same!(Sorry i've had a few beers).

Pro Member Captain
earthqu8kes Captain

thank for the thanks, but hey, dont forget others like CRJCapt and CrashGordon. 😉 and like CRJCapt said ➡

CrashGordon wrote:

It is nice to thank people who helped you, but it would be better to do so in the same thread rather than starting a new one. Adding unnecessary threads adds clutter and pushes other threads off the first page. 😉


DThak Guest

how could you forget CRJCapt?? That guy really knows his stuff and goes out of his way to all good people here!

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