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Just recieved from Just Flight about 5 mins ago
The latest edition of Flight Simulator is out on 13th October and it’s the best yet!

Place your order now, with free postage in the UK and North America. Full details at:

Get Flight Simulator X from Just Flight for only £54.99 / €82.95 / $94.99 (Deluxe version) or £44.99 / €67.95 / $79.99 (standard)
We’ll also give you 1,000 Just Reward points (yes, a thousand!) to spend on anything you like from the Just Flight hangar!

UK release is scheduled for October 13th and our aim is to ship all pre-orders by First Class post by that date; UK simmers should have the product with them on the day of official release (subject to the Royal Mail). All non-UK orders will be shipped by Airmail, taking 3-7 days for European countries.

Flight Simulator X comes with new aircraft including a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver floatplane, Grumman G-21A Goose, AirCreation 582SL Ultralight and Maule M7-260C Orion with wheels and skis. Virtual pilots will be impressed by details such as shaded rivets, reflective paint, and glint from glass and chrome. FSX will also contain an Airbus for the first time, with an accurately modelled A321A!

The Deluxe edition contains extra aircraft - 24 compared with 18 in the Standard Edition

21 detailed airports (16 in the Standard Edition)

38 detailed cities (28 in the Standard Edition)

65 missions (40 in the Standard Edition)

G1000 glass panel cockpit (Deluxe Edition only)

Go on – eXamine the features, read the eXplanations and hear what the eXperts have to say. Then, eXercise your right to a great offer from Just Flight and eXperience FSX!
Visit for screenshots and full details

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Booo FSX. Viva la FS9. Wink

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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Solotwo wrote:

Booo FSX. Viva la FS9. Wink

FSX = Horse Ass
FS9 = Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down Bow Down Punk Punk Punk

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brownbox Captain

agreed 😀

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I thought the senery in FSX after using the demo, was not near as nice as FS9 tweeked with real senery and water upgrades. I already got the aircraft.
I still have not heard a reason to switch worth $100. Does anybody else see a good reason?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I can't say I'm surprised at this reaction.
It happens every time a new version of anything comes out.
Everone claims that it's not as good as the last...blah blah blah.

Me, I always look to the future I don't dwell in the past, I'll have it the first day and won't look back.
I respect your decisions but I know that in time you will buy it and try to run it on your 486sx machines that still run Windows 3.1. 🙄


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Solotwo Chief Captain

When I build a a new computer around Vista and Directx 10 I'll get it, but for now its rather unexciting. I'll wait for all my payware starts getting converted over. But for now, my FS9 looks a lot better then what I've seen from FSX.

I'm all for new things, but I'm all for getting my moneys worth out of what I have. Wink

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