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Hey there! I've always been interested in airline transportation. However i'm new to all this flight simulator stuff, I want to know if theres some kind of modification/or official addon for FS04. Where you can transport passengers to holiday destinations for example. So you take off with a full flight of passengers, and land and they get off, their suitcases are unloaded etc. This could be a good game if it doesn't exist, sorting out how much fuel you need for a certain flight, the route, onboard entertainment etc. I would be very shocked if somthing like this hasn't been done already.

When I go on holiday it always interests me seeing the pilot, so I'd love a game where I can become one.


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Btw, its a Simulation, not a game. Wink


Wow, this sounds like just the thing. I'll try it out when I finish work. Cheers mate!

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yeh as solotwo says, fs passengers, or, it you want to take cargo instead of people, cargo pilot.

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