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Stupid question

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Karlw Chief Captain

Well here it goes Arrow Is there anything to download where you can see the reflection of your aircraft on a wet taxiway or making the taxiway look wet when it rains


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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I don't believe there is anything for that - it would require a lot of coding to provide moving aircraft reflections on the ground.

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Karlw Chief Captain

Oh ok nevermind then would be cool thou lol

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earthqu8kes Captain

There are no stupid questions!!! real environment pro will have some reflections.

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TimH First Officer

It doesnt have reflections for the taxiiways or runways though

As said, it would require alot of coding to do that, as taxiiways run off one texture, one for asphalt, one for concrete, that keeps it simple. But the textures would constantly change if it had to reflect aircraft and sky above it, making it alot more complicated, and frames would be badly hurt

I think FSX may have it in store, maybe not though

Press on screenshot for larger view

And there's no such thing as a stupid question, your question was a perfectly sensible one, and it would be a great feature to have in the sim!


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Karlw Chief Captain

thanks very much Very Happy nice pic of flight sim x never seen it before and your right about the frames with the reflection one day mabye we will actaully see people boarding the plane lol Wink

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