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Traffic 2005 constantly "go around"

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kieranja First Officer

when i been using traffic 2005 i noticed that it tells me 2 go around every time i try land even if there no traffic around me and none on ground it also will tell the ai planes the same and there is nothing in the way at all
i dont know if it anything to do with ai smoth(does this make a difference)
and how do u turn choppers off

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What is your question, then? Umm...

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It seems to be quite Frame thirsty??? Maybe its just my system.

But regarding the original post, if you have traffic set to busy (greater than 60%) you get go-arounds at peak times even with Traffic 2005 installled.

I have found Traffic 2005 a great add-on, and I havent had many go-arounds, was it a particualr airport that was causing problems????

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sonicninja First Officer

i uninstalled MT 2005, flogged it on ebay and installed all the PAI packages instead, much steadier on the FPS and free aswell as being better AI for FS9 in my humble opinion.


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kieranja First Officer

lol i forgot about this when i first read it. i solved it now put on ai smoth so it slows planes right down for landing so its perfect now.

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kieranja First Officer

but since on this topic when i go on 2005 traffic editor and delete some all of 1 airlines fligh planes from cardiff air port. and after i clicked on convert flight planes, when i click on game and go cardiff they still there. what i doing wrong?

Air-Head Guest

Sorry for bringing it back to life lol I only just installed Traffic 2005 back onto my computer.. so did a quick search on here for comments...

I got rid of the voicepacks, though this time around. As I couldnt get IFR plans made in FS2004 to be recognised by ATC at the airport while wanting to leave.... in other words, I didnt have a "clearance option". for some reason. All I could do was request a takeoff as VFR.

With AI smooth though, ive found I have less go-arounds, than with FS2004 set to 60%+ without Traffic installed. (which I tried to say in earlier post but got it wrong) lol.

I changed an AI flight, and noticed that the change hadnt had effect. Cant remember what airport it was though. Seems a very well rated programme in all the reviews ive read.

but quite a flawed product. In my humble opinion.

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