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I had an bit of an accident earlier.

I was going to try and copy the FSX demo runway textures into FS9, but was not sure the exact file name. So, I created a backup of my FS9 folder on my desktop, then copied all the FSX files into my current FS9 Texture folder, clicking ‘yes’ to replace them.

I started up fs2004, and created a flight. The loading bar only went up to 1%. I closed fs2004, planning to get rid of my newly mixed FS9 texture folder and replace it with the backup folder, and after deleting the mixed one, I couldn’t find my backup one anymore for some strange reason! I panicked, but then remembered I had a ‘virgin’ FS9 install on my Dad’s PC, and went and copied his untouched Texture folder and put it in my FS9 directory.

Now everything is back to normal, I think. Will there have been any files that I might have added to the FS9 texture folder that I now don’t have anymore? As far as I can remember, I have never modded this file. Most of my addon scenery files go into their own directory in the Addon Scenery folder, or Scenery/World/Scenery. I know about AEU8 (and have re-installed that), but apart from these files, am I missing any addons that you might know of?

Also, can someone please tell me how I can get the runway textures for the FSX Princess Juliana Airport to appear in FS9?

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