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Can you recommend this?


Im about to buy this computer from pcworld for £830.Can anyone advise if this is a good buy.Im not worried about windows vista at the moment or direct x 10.I will worry about this after they are out and more important the bugs ironed out.Any way plaese advise on the below spec.Thankyou


Intel Pentium D 915 Dual Core Processor

2.8GHz, 800MHz FSB

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition


300GB Hard Disk Drive

Dual Layer DVD ReWriter Drive

512MB nVIDIA GeForce 7500LE Graphics

9-In-1 Media Card Reader

7 USB Connections

19" Sony Flat Panel Monitor

Jamie4590 Guest

Looks a good system for the price. Don't act too keen to buy it and the sales person might throw in a sweetener such as a free firewall/virus checker or other software. I find PC Worlds after sales service utterly useless but hopefully you'll never need it!


your not the only one who thinks this.Everywhere i read,people are very dissapointed in after sales service.
pcworld is the only place i know of.Can you name any other decent companies that sell computers(not dell).
Do you think it will run fsx ok.(not max settings,)I know that no one will run max settings untill vista direct x 10 is out.
Thanks again for your comments

Pro Member Captain
Wing-man Captain

Looks a good system, but as Jamie4590 say's, dont just jump in and buy.
I'm sure your keen to have a nice new fast running system, but have a shop around untill you get the best deal, afterall, they all want your money, but who's willing to give the most.

Take a look here, some nice systems at nice prices...........

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Thankyou for your reply.I had a look at mesh computers.Seems i could get much more there for £830.
Im just really unsure about dealing with a internet company.As anyone else dealt with this company.Also is there any other retailers that any one knows of?
Thanks again its just so confusing at the moment.I want a decent system for now,but also the opertunity to upgrade.

Jamie4590 Guest

I do think PC World has some good gear at decent prices but if things go wrong the money you save might end up going on therapy! They once lost my laptop and I had a nightmare getting a replacement even though it fell under the 28 day rule which is:

If PC World or their shipper lose your goods and its not recovered within 28 days you can go to the store and take a replacement off the shelf. The manager really wasn't happy to do this and I was sent away empty handed a few times by staff that appeared to have no training until they realised I wasn't going to forget about it. I had to call PC Service call many times as well. Frankly I still get cold sweats thinking about that service.

Stores such as Aldi and Lidl have some good deals on PC's from time to time.


Im looking at a Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E6300 Processor
(1.86GHz ,2MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz) The 1.86GHz seems very low.My old computer had 2.6GHz !!!!
OR is that 1.86 x2 = 3.72 total???also,would you recommend processor??
Anyone had dealings with mesh computers??

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