Anyone know of an add-on pack with a319, a320 and a321 in!

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of a add on pack which is sold in shops that contains the Airbus A320 family

A319, A320 & A321

Also i woul like the package to come with all aircraft textures such as BA and Iberia


Cpt Chris BA A319

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ifdg do a great range of Airbus aircraft in many liveries
Ifdg site is down at the moment but search avsim and you will find loads

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beerbadger First Officer

PSS its payware and has a FMC, lots of people miss that, its a great package, heres a link:

CptFord BA A319 Guest

DO they come with Virtual Cockpit or would i have to download that seperately?

CPTFord BA A319

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Tailhook Chief Captain

The PSS Airbus Pro Series comes with full 3D Virtual Cockpit.

The freeware iFDG have no VC.

If you want to know more about the PSS go here.

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mossy First Officer

as far as i know you cant download a virtual cockpit separtely, - they are part of the moddeling of the plane

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