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Hi guys

Im relatively new to this Flight Simulator business and after reading lods of topics on this forum I really want to make mine as authentic as possible. First I want to start of with air traffic and I'm looking for a bit of advice....i saw an add-on called ultimate traffic and am just looking for opinions, how detailed are their British airports such as Glasgow, heathrow etc!


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I do not think Ultimate Traffic deals with the details of airport.They deal with the AI traffic at the airport..May be you would like to go in for some scenery stuff for the airports....

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I havent tried ultimate traffic, but i would like too, i use traffic 2005 and for the scenery for those airports use "british airports south and south east england" i think its volume 1 and 2. It includes Gatwick heathrow stansted etc and they are very detailed.

If anyone can make a coparrison between traffic 2005 and ultimate traffic i would like to know what one is better, i llike traffic 2005 but if UT is better i don't want to be missing out!

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if its ai traffic you want id go for traffic 2005, but then again its the only ai traffic software ive used so i am probably quite biased lol.

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Ultimate traffic is great! it has airlines ive never even seen or heard of before. although they do have so flights wich it is a relly really small airline and it only says the flight number cause they havent recaorded that airlines name. but overall, Ultimate Traffic is Great! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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It has reviews of 4 payware addons, found it quite an interesting read.

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ARD_DC have you lost your password?

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