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ISO Agricultural Aircraft... Ag Cat?

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Is anyone aware of MSFS 2004 compatible agricultural aircraft?

I'm specifically looking for an Ag Cat.

But have interests in others too.

Thanks in advance!


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Aloha Bill, Does the plane you have for an avatar the kind you are looking for? Looks like an interesting Project that I could get into if you can't find it. Although you would have to tell me where I can get some info on the plane.( just so you know, I have two projects going right now so it wouldn't be right away) Ric (I think that Radar has posted a site that carries an Ag-craft. He should be around soon as I can't remember where it was)

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It certainly is!

I can provide you with any info you need.

Just let me know exactly what type of info it takes, as I do not know much about the techie end of Fs9.

Thanks for your interest!

Here are a few sites:

(dead links removed)

Thanks again!


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Well it seems to be a really nice plane,definitely something that I would like to try but I won't be able to get to it till about the 15th of September so if you can do me the favor of trying to get a three way view (top,side,front) and the overall dimensions I will give it a try. Ric

_roller_ Guest

i think this can help.
i'm looking for a Ag-cat too for a long time .

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If ya'll got that ag-cat done, please let me know. I have been looking for one for about 3 and a half years now. My family started out in them, and then switched to the Air Tractor when technology took off.



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woolybooger2 Guest

Thanks Radar,

I can use one of these, but still looking for that Ag-Cat. Out of all the planes that one ranks up there about a half a cylinder above the Corsair.

I f any one finds a cat.....

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👍 I'll keep looking, keep checking back.


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to speed things up I will offer 100.00 dollars to speed up the process of making this plane compatable with Fltsim 2004. It is one of my favorites and you cannot find it.

You can find any information you want about it... finding someone to make it is another story


Grumman Ag Cat

100.00 dollars for fltsim 2004

ChrisVon Guest

Hi Folks!

It's not for FS2004, but I made one (and still updating it) for X-Plane if you're interested in something different...

It's a 450 Super B with the 73" wing gap. The only thing I'm concerned with is the weight and balance figures. I've got conflicting weights from various sources.


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I found an ag cat for download for 2004. It is on The only bad thing is you have to pay for membership before you can download from there. $30 a year. It is on the database page, year 2005 at bottom 06/12/2005. I beleive the file is

Later and feel the power

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This just came out.
FS2004 Stearman Model 75 Duster and Sprayer Package. Boeing Stearman Model 75 Duster and Sprayer. A four-airplane package for FS2004 that represents a 10-year history of one ag-plane from 1955 to 1965. Features four highly detailed models with fully animated parts, detailed and animated pilot figure, visual effects, complex virtual cockpit with clickable controls, custom gauges, and engine damage modeling. Each model has accurate flight dynamics, with realistic stalls, high drag slips, and spins with autorotation. This package also includes as scenery an ag-operations hangar, and dirt airstrip. By Robert Sanderson. 30.2MB
Two places to download it.
(dead links removed)

Try here:



Hi there

I am working on a 1975 A-model with extended wing tips.
Once that is done I might do a B-model too.
The A model should be finished by end of January.

If someone will help me post a picture, I'll post one of my progress.

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hey, i have a link which should be a direct download for the agcat without having to log on.

(dead link removed)

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