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Graphics Card(Mobility Radeon 9000)

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hey i ran the program that Radarman provided in another post. its ays i have a Mobility Radeon 9000. i know its like a graphics card or something but im not sure. can anyone help by telling me whether this is good or bad or whatever. clueless Dont Know Ermm...

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How good or bad is it? Dunno, not to up on my laptop graphics cards.

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oooo ask me about laptops!!! Ask me!! Im currently using the mobility radeon 9600. Did it say what kind it is? It can be either 32MB or 64MB. Obviously the 64MB is better...
This seems to be a decent video card, but only being directx 8, it is a bit old Smile

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this is what it said under display...
MOBILITY RADEON 9000 [Display adapter]
Default Monitor (4x)
what does the default monitor mean?

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Radeon X1300 is my card. It is very nice and always gives a great graghic show. Cool

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hmmm not sure what the 4x means. Confused
the only 4x thing i can see on my video card anywhere is AGP something or rather, is set to 4x...

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