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I had to reinstall FS9 which has been done successfully. The FSPax folder is also back in it's original place in the FS9 folder and yet when I press ALT to start up FSPax I am not given the option. What's happening?? Do I need to pay for FSpax again now?

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You have not reinstalled all the required files.
Your best bet is to uninstall fspax and reinstall it
Then follow link and complete the required details for a new unlock code ➡

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Am I right in thinking you have installed a fresh copy of FS9 then just dropped the FSPassengers folder into the FS9 folder in the hope of keeping all your FSPassengers flights and info?

If this is the case then you seem to have missed the part where you need to reinstall FSPassengers into your new FS9, then you can drop the backed up FSPassengers>Database folder into your new installation. See here

Follow TTT's link for info on retrieving your unlock code.

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Okay I have requested a new unlock code from the above link.
I have clicked uninstall on the FSPax menu and it has completely removed it from my system. Does this meen I will have to download the demo version again and then submit my new unlock code accordingly?

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Didn't you make a backup of the installer.If yes then just run the installer once again.If no then no will have to download the demo again..And remember to backup this time by burning it to a cd and keep it safe....

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Always keep a backup copy with the code whenever you get payware.

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Thanks gents

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