I need some original aircrafts

sabater_wb Guest

Hi pepople. I need some originals aircrafts from fs2004. My cd 1 have many files unreadables, and these files are aircrafts.

The aircrafts wich I need are:


Plese, somebody, send for may mail:

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Considering that he says he has unreadable files on his CD-ROMs, that may not be an option.

Are the CD surfaces scratched or dirty? Has the CD-ROM drive's lens been cleaned?

sabater_wb Guest

The problem is in the file MSGAME1.CAB (only some aircrafts) and setup.exe.
I've lucky, because, still is possible to install the game. But, for this, I need uncompress all .cab files, and so to edit the scenery.cfg (too crablouse 😀 )

But, after, the game run perfect.

...more, without a 747-400 FS2004 is not a FS2004.

I want the boeings

Sorry my english.

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Your English is fine, glad you've got your 747 back.

Why did you have to edit the scenery.cfg? Umm...

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There are a number of extractors available to pick file out of a .cab. These should be able to get the files you need.

Your english is fine, though I confess I haven't figured out "too crablouse ", yet. 😉

sabater_wb Guest

I edit scenery.cfg because it, don't have all the information about scenary need. It's need write the directory name.


Answering CrashGordon, I used Winrar for uncrompress the files, but, some aircrafts were impossible.

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Thanks 😉

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here u go; files you requested. Note that the download is just over 60 MB in size.

I must admit I am not entirely sure that the panel of the Boeing 734 is 100%. I used this aircraft to test some panel modifications as I never fly the default 737 anyway. I loaded it up just to check, and all looked fine, but if something is wrong with the panel, let me know.

[EDIT] I forgot to include the Bell206b folder Wall Bashing
Ill add it shortly

sabater_wb Guest

Thanks ARD-DC.
I'm very grateful.

I'm downloading now.
After the download, I write about the boeing 737, if it is ok.

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