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I'm currently flying with a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick and have been experimenting with various control assignments.

I'm wondering if there is any consensus among some of you veterans as to what is the optimum assignment scheme on this particular controller.

I'd appreciate thoughts and comments!


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I have a Logitech Wingman Force 3D and I have 2 buttons assigned to for flap extension and retraction (on the base), two buttons on the actual joystick that control elevator trim up and elevator trim down. Two buttons on the other side that control the gear movement (up and down, in the same button) and spoiler extension and retraction (in the same button). The hat switch controls the view.


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I have thet same stick you do, and found the setup below most convenient to me;

Buttons 3/5 elevator trim
Buttons 6/4 flaps up/down
The reason I have these controls at the top (you can control them with the thumb of your right hand) is that you must use these controls while you are flying your approach, and while you are doing so, I (personally) find that in below optimum conditions, you frequently are in a position where you do not want to take your hands off the stick to control trim/flaps settings. So these two I keep close to me.

Buttons 11/12 I have assigned "Cut throttle" and "Full Reverse", as these two are the closest to the hand you use to control throttle, and the functions need to be quickly accessible after touchdown

Button 9 has "ToGa" -> again, you may need this function at a moment you can't move a hand over to the keyboard, or go play with your mouse, so it is placed also at my fingertips.

7/8/10 are less critical things, (parking brakes, spoilers and wing-extend -> the Fokker 100 I used to fly required the wing-extend function to deploy spoilers).

It works for me, but you may hate it 🙂

[EDIT] I don't consider myself a veteran, but I hope you don't mind me replying anyway Wink

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