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I've noticed a couple of people say they have the simulation.

Has this been released in the US then?
If not when is it released in the US and other countries?

UK is 13th Oct. 5 days to wait for me

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It's supposed to be the 17th here (US) but many stores are selling it now, in fact many are out of the Deluxe and have a few Regular left.
They'll be gone by tomorrow.


saint4 Guest

Are they allowed to do that though. I thought all retailers etc got the games/consoles etc a few days/week before release and they would have to wait until the official date to start selling.

I remember being told by Gamestation i would have to wait till friday when i went in on a thursday when resident evil 4 was released on GC. But then again the release was set for thursday but they werent selling it to the friday.

(The days are fictional as i cant remember the exact ones, but it was like that).

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I dunno, call them up then and tell them not to sell it.

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