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Hi all,

Im flying my round the world flight.
Im currently at Los Angeles and I need to go west.
I was thinking of going to Honolulu Intl but I dont think my 737 will make it.
Does anybody have any suggestions?

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Use the 777 🙂

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Yeah I was trying to stick with a 737-400 as thats what ive used up to now but ive gone with my CLS A340. On-Route now 😀

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Yeah you need the right tool for the job. 🙂

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I flew from Los Angeles to Honolulu in a 737-700 on my around the world tour

It made it, dont worry

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Or you can go around-- north to Seattle, to Anchorage, down along the Aleutian Islands, over to Yelizovo on the Kamchatka Peninsula, then south to resume your trip.


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hey there

Yes basically what the guy said before me, just do a multi-stop trip.

You can also touch up on your landings and takeoffs before reaching your destination so when you land perfect.

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Odyssey First Officer

Yeah, with reference to an around the world flight, does anybody have, or know where to obtain a flight plan for this?

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Steve (SpiderWings) First Officer

I'd love to hear more about your trip as it proceeds. Will you keep us posted? Any chance you might plot your travels on a map of the world and provide a link for us?

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