Instant replay- Poor performance in FSX-Demo

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Among other problems I have one which is really bothering me right now:

In FSX-Demo when I setting my display setting to minimum I can achieve 25-30 FPS which is not bad considering my “old” video card (ATI FX-9600xt)
But in instant replay with “fast” plane (Learjet) I am getting a nervous jumpy screen still with not a bad frame rate (26-28 FPS) In situation like that I am usualy blaming my wife or my kids but my wife telling me that she has nothing to do with that and my kids staying with my grand kids some 10.000 miles away...So is there is somebody out there maybe more than one how can help me out or atlist to confort me by saying that he has the same problem.
I have to emphasize that I have relatively good sys and in FS2004 I have no problem (there are running in the same HD on different partition
I have 1 Gb memory My CPU clock over clocked to 3.2 Gega And my hard disk is still… 5200 RPM Western Digital. Wher is the recording file for instant replay and what it's name
BTW I boutht FSX by PreOrder so I must to solve the problem.

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It's the card and you should turn down or off some of the more power hungry slides.
Turn down clouds, traffic and scenery.
The AI cars, and boats will use it up also.
Turn off shadows and set your FPS to 25, more than that and your using up resources that could be used elsewhere.
A 5200 drive is a slow drive.


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