into UFOs?

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simon roourke (simon123) First Officer

well i am .
a cool site with vids.

cheers, simon123

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Those are kites and sails for wind surfing.

Madbrit Guest

Oh noooooooooooo.

Strange how some of them appear to be flying in opposite directions in the same photo though AND there's no sign of the surfers or 'strings'.

And here was me thinking I had captured some UFOs. Twisted Evil

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Solotwo Chief Captain

Yeah because you'll be able to see the thin strings in those photos which are probably on record as the worst photos ever taken on earth.

Madbrit Guest

Who said these photos were taken on Earth? Actually, they were taken on water and at least three miles from the subject. Then I substantially cut back the quality to match the general quality of the UFO pictures that get published.

If you can't take having fun made of you for 'stating the freaking obvious' then don't do it especially if it is just to rack up your post count.

BTW - your attitude comes across like you are from another planet. Hopefully, not too many of your life-form made the journey with you. Is there something you should be telling us, plant life?

Joderal Banker seems an appropriate name for you considering the subject and fits you quite well. If you ask nicely, maybe someone will help you if you're having problems with the interpretation.

See, insults are easy. Posting something useful or funny is the difficult part. You should try it some time. It is said that practice makes perfect and it seems you need a lot of practice. Ass

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