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Got the right stuff for the Wright Flyer?

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With the Wright Flyer, you are doing pretty good just to keep it in the air, but how about making some turns with it? See if you can get back around to the starting point before running out of fuel.

Under Flights, select Short Flights (Kiosk), First Flight at Kitty Hawk

.22 gal fuel 87%

Task: Take off and make a complete circle to the left with the Wright flyer.

Before you start note the first stone marker ahead and left.
Also note that tall spruce tree ahead and left, to the left of that radio tower.

Keep right of that marker, and the 4 smaller markers beyond it.
Keep right of the spruce tree.
Keep right of at least one boat.

Return to starting point and pass between the same stone marker (to your left again) and the two wooden sheds (on your right). To be successfull you must come to a stop with the back of the flyer beyond a line between the marker and the sign in front of the two sheds. When you come to a complete stop note the time and the % of remaining fuel.

I made it back with 17% fuel left and it took me 6 minutes and 38 seconds.

17% fuel 9:51:38
24% fuel 9:50:55

Now try the same thing except to the right... BUT
Keep right of all the stone markers
AND LEFT of the spruce tree.
No boats to go around but at least get out over the Atlantic Ocean
Finish up the same as for the first excercise.

I made it with 24% fuel left in 5 minutes and 55 seconds.

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I have spent many hours trying to learn to handle that particular aircraft, and I will admit that I've not been as successful as you describe. In the first place, gaining enough altitude to get over that row of houses is nearly impossible. And attempting to turn to avoid the houses usually puts me onto the ground, on a wingtip.

With unlimited fuel, I have managed to get it out over the ocean and then turned back toward land. But I've never managed to do that AND get it lined up to land-- I usually end up in a tree or something. 😂


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