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Hi Guys!

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Hi guys, its robbier-
I just want to let you know that i might not be online at flyaway very much. I will try to be on as much as possible, but i have a very tight...and weird school schedule. So i may not be on as much as i like...But now that i got that out of me, i have good puppy now 3 months old, and is 20-30 pounds...boy is he growing! i'll try to get up some pics soon, but dont expect anything soon...i have a lot going on. also school is going well, and i found out that my grandma whom i miss very much, is visiting us for the christmas holidays! It will be her first white (snow) christmas! And i hope no-one thinks i have abandoned flyaway...i really have been reading all the posts and stuff, but didnt have time to reply...i usually take the 5 minutes of my free time right before school and read posts, but cant reply to them.
I know i have a lot more good news that i can't think of now, but i will tell soon!

See you soon,

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good to hear from you!

Ya my school schedule is a little crazy Read

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