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Hi guys.. just trying out the demo for FSX and really enjoying it, but I'd like to know if its possible to do a few things.

I've got a joypad, and I'd like to know if there is any way of setting up 1 button(on the controller) to toggle the settings used on one of the analog sticks, at the moment its setup to view around the cockpit, but i'd like to have a swich I can quickly use to change it so that I can use that same stick axis to control the rudder etc? Is this possible at all? other than opening the options and changing it..very slow process

Also which file(s) do I need to make a backup of to save all the control/button/key settings for FSX? that way I can quickly go back once I've messed things up

And lastly and its not a big thing, but is it possible to set the analog stick (when its set to view up/down/left/right axis) so that when it moves back to the center, it doesn't rotate the view back to the center, so it would work a bit like using the d-pad(only smoother), where you hold it and it moves in that direction, but when you release the stick it stays in that position until you move it in the opposite direction?


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I've been pondering this for some time, and it appears you want to assign a funtion to two different controls. If my assumption is correct, you will have serious conflict.

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