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'Invalid_Session' mesage

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Sorry to bug you with a problem but this seems to be the only way of messaging as that is the problem in and of itself. I am reporting an issue with posting in the Forum section. When attempts are made to post an 'Invalid_Session' message is generated. I have attempted to use the page that indicates that it is dedicated to errors and other such issues but the 'Invalid_Session' message is once again returned.

I addition to that, I have been prompted to report the following per instruction...

>>Could not write avatar file to local storage. Please contact the board administrator with this message<<
Line : 197
File : /home/virtual/site3/fst/var/www/html/includes/usercp_avatar.php

Thanks for any help, I like Fly Away a lot and would like to use the nice features it has to offer.

Sincerly, "OrlandoGeorge" AkA--George! Smile

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer

Regarding the 'Invalid_Session' message I posted about, the issue is that when posts are sent using MSN they enter sucessfully. When posts are entered via AOL the ERROR message is returned. I know we are not on the AOL help-line but does anyone have any clue as to why this might be?

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I told Flyaway about this and left a PM for you.
I was under the impression that you couldn't post. I guess that's cleared up.
I'll let Flyaway see to this matter also since I'm not able to access that part of the forum.


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Thanks for the PM you sent in reply. You are right, I was unable to post at all. My primary acct. is AOL (AO-Hell) and I was completely stymied as you know. Well, all of a sudden the thought came to me that if I opened the MSN browser would anything would be different? As it turns, with MSN the post was then sucessfull!

I did not want to leave you with the impression that anything was different than what I told you originally. --Thanks for your help, I appreciate it bro.

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Regarding uploading an avatar - does this part work in Internet Explorer? Because I can see you have a custom avatar. It seems that AOL is problems, I will look into contacting the AOL guys if I can't find out whats causing this.

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Yes, the custom avatar you mention is part of what works in Internet Explorer. You are right about AOL having configuration issues. Going forward there stand to be additional users who encounter a similar dilemma? At any rate, I am glad that I am now able to post using the alternate method. -Thanks a million for responding to the concern!

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I think I know what the main problem is.
Both MSN and aol use customized browsers and that can be a problem.
A good way around it is to download an alternate browser Firefox.
If it asks you if you want to import your favorites say no, if it asks you if you want to make it your default browser say no.
Just use it at sites such as ours that give you a problem or seem to be slow in loading. You'll find that it is extremely fast compared to IE.
I only use it the way I have told you otherwise I only use IE and Outlook Express.
Fortunately my ISP Road Runner doesn't require any extra software. They just hook up a (cable) modem and the rest is clean MS software (if MS has clean software).
I hope this helps you and anyone else having a problem accessing a site, my IT tech from RR told me about it.


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