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Hi all i really would love some help.

1. On fs2004 iv recorded some CLips of FRAPS and iv Put a move together thew WIndows Movie Maker. And i Brought SOme DVD - R. Iv Clicked Record to CD. And Its Started Fine when it Gets to copying it Says Unknowen Error

2. Am i using the rong sort of disks ? Or is it somethink Elce

Thanks for ur time all

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You have to convert them to MPEG2 in order to create a DVD with your FS Videos...No problem though if you store them as data files to a DVD.

In the Help section of WMM they have the following thread. ➡

Saving a movie to a recordable CD
The Recordable CD saving option lets you save your movie for playback on a recordable or rewriteable CD (CD-R or CD-RW). When this option is selected, the final movie is saved to a recordable or rewriteable CD in the Save Movie Wizard.

In Windows Movie Maker, movies saved to a recordable CD are saved by using Microsoft HighMAT™ technology. A HighMAT (High-performance Media Access Technology) CD can contain audio, video, and pictures. HighMAT-compatible consumer electronic devices recognize how the content is organized on the CD, and enable users to play content using the displayed menus. The recordable CD can be played back on a computer as well. For more information about HighMAT, see the Microsoft Web site. Consumer electronic devices that can play back HighMAT CDs created in Windows Movie Maker have the following logo.

You can choose to save one or more movies to a recordable CD, which typically holds up to 650 MB. Therefore, you may have one large movie or several smaller movies on the same CD. You can save several movies to the same recordable or rewriteable CD at different times. This lets you add more movies to a recordable CD as you create and save more movies at different times in Windows Movie Maker

If you click the Recordable CD option, the Save Movie Wizard proceeds as follows.

Specify a movie file name and CD name. For more information about entering a movie file and CD name, see Naming the saved movie file.
Choose a setting for saving your movie. For more information about choosing the appropriate setting when saving a movie to a recordable CD, see Choosing a movie setting.
Wait for your movie to be saved. For more information about monitoring the progress for saving a movie to a recordable CD, see Saving a movie for playback on a recordable CD.
Complete the Save Movie Wizard. For more information, see Completing the Save Movie Wizard when saving a movie to a recordable CD.
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airbourne wrote:

And i Brought SOme DVD - R. Iv Clicked Record to CD.

That doesn't sound right. Unless you are using very old, outdated software, you should have an Option that allows you to choose whether you want to burn to CD or DVD.

Needless to say, if you are using DVD discs, you should elect to burn to DVD instead of CD.

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