FSX Prices in the UK

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Thought there might be a thread devoted to this somewhere, but couldn't find it - so apologies if I am repeating stuff.....

Anyway - point of the post is to mention that as far as I have found, the cheapest way to (legitimately!!) obtain FSX in the UK is from CD-WOW (link), - with FSX at £29.99 and Deluxe Edition at £42.99.....

I'm sure there may be cheaper places out there though (even though I have already ordered mine)......

Anyone else got any cheaper??

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I thought that (Game) was doing it cheaper, but it appears not. But in my search, I see that these 2 add-on's for FSX are due for release.......... Boeing 787 FSX add on, .......... A380 Special Edition FSX



No pics though.

Goose353 Guest

Dag Nammit, I paid £49.99 from Amazon 😞 And I haven't had my email telling me its been posted yet 😞

saint4 Guest

I paid £49.99 from amazon (deluxe edition) £7 difference isnt a big deal to me.
Should get it tomorrow. Royal Mail Comes at 6.50 - 7.30 and i dont go bed to after countdown. So i might stay up and jump on a flight (a long flight) so i can sleep 😀

Goose4343 Guest

I just got THE email from Amazon letting me know it had been shipped. They are estimating delivery for the 14th though 😞

I can only fly a Cessna so I won't be buying the A380 just yet 🙂

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Greg1138 Trainee

Dang-it - I have just had an e-mail from CD-Wow telling me Shipping is delayed....maybe that £7 wasn't worth it after all......oh well, we'll see....

Goose343 Guest

£7.00 well spent, I'm just going to start installing 🙂

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