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Hello Guys,

I also have my FSX Deluxe, but it doesn't work well. It doesn't work fluently.

My system:
Intel 4 HT 3GHz
ATI Radeon 9800 XL (128MB DD SDRAM ; 256Bit Memory Interface)
512 MB DDR 400 Mhz

FS 9 works very good. Do you think it would help me much, if I would upgrade my Ram to 2,5GB?
Or is it the graphiccard?
I want to buy a new one, but I still want to wait for DirectX 10.

What do aou think about upgrading RAM?

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Both, do what you can do now and upgrade your card when you can.
Look in the Hardware Forum, there is a thread about DX 10 cards.

The ram will be needed for Vista also.


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I agree upgrade both. 🙂

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media_pdc Guest

ok thx, but now i don't have the money for it and I have to wait fpr the directx 10 cards. But do you think, that upgrading ram would help me much?

media_pdc Guest

I mean, will it improve the frame rate, if I upgrade the Ram? Now I have low settings and a framrate of about 12frames /sec. sometimes it brakes up for one second or longer.
Do you thing it will be much better with 2560MB RAM?

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Umm play FS9 then. Why doesn't anyone do any research before buying a product now a days?

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The major stutters are caused by memory content being swapped to and from the cache on your hard drive. The addition of RAM will definitely help with this. I have checked my system with 512 MBof RAM and found that 1 GB was in use when I was using FSX. This means that fully half ofr everything has been swapped out to the hard drive. That is very inefficient.

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