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Have you ever wanted to fly Small aircrafts to the Boeing 747 in flight simulator but you didn't know how well now you can learn the worldflyers is now offering free traning classes for those who wants to learn we are going to update are website and show you the tmes and classes are avaliable you will be going up in the Air and Landing we will have teachers and students come meet other students who also have the same prombelm as you yall could be like study Partners. We are also excepting Teachers if you know how to fly Any boeing plane and Learjet Plane and Cennesa Plane on flight simulator real well we would like you to be a teacher.

If you are instread of becoming a student please email the worldflyers crew at

If you are instreat if becoming a teacher for the worldflyer crew please contact us at

For a teacher you must have at least 75 hours as flight time. when you do apply may you please email us the following:

Flight Time:
VA:If with one
And Aircraft Experience:
And stuff about you.

Well Thank You and Happying Flying.

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I hope that the grammar and spelling in your lessons is better than in your post.


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This is a nice thing to do. Thanks for posting it,we'll just bump it for you. 🙂

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