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Add the [img] and [/img] tags to the beginning and end of the URL and the image will appear.

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pokey1694 wrote:

How do u get pics on your signiture

Make your post then click Img(above)insert the pics address and click Img again

I cant access the other pic

its me liam Guest

sorry but it aint worked for me some1 else try it!

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Liam you can't get a pic in your signature because you don't have one and you don't have a signature because you are not a member. 😉

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I think he was just trying to get the second picture in the first post to show Dont Know Maybe I'm wrong.

its me liam Guest


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This signature works here but when I add it to the profile it will not.

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I have this same problem also...If i knew how to fix it i could...maybe when i finally get it worked out I'll have a signature

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Stop using image shack.

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