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Over the next few months, I am going to be gathering the components for a new computer for FSX. I will want to purchase the motherboard and graphics cards toward the end of the construction process so that I can get an OEM Vista and DX10 GFX card(s), rather than having to upgrade the OS and GFX cards.

For now, I would like suggestions on specific cases and power supplies. I would prefer a roomy full tower case with enough fans to double as a hover craft. 😂 It should allow easy access to the motherboard and accomodate ATX, extended ATX and other large boards. I'm not going to be worried about small sized boards. the power supply should be hefty enought to accomodate the speedier dual core CPUs and possibly 2 good GFX cards.

Do not recommend anything that has a side window or blue LEDs. I am looking for useability, performance and reliability. I don't care what it looks like because it isn't going to be where it can be easily seen.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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This is going to come to my house.

Good brand, great features.


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