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AOPA ASF Free Safety Seminars may be in your area.

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AOPA ASF Free Safety Seminars

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation (ASF) holds more than 200 safety seminars a year throughout the United States. These FREE seminars are held from 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., and everybody's welcome. You do not have to be an AOPA member, nor do you have to be a pilot. And whether you are a seasoned pilot, a student pilot, or have an interest in becoming a pilot, these FREE seminars are for you. Registration is not required. ASF's safety seminars also qualify towards the FAA Wings Program.

They have free on line courses too.

There is are free seminars in my area on the 22 Sept. on GPSs Heck I may go!

They have an article on Quick and Legal Flight Planning, I found it when I was looking up requirements on VFR and IFR reserves.

I m trying to get my PC-12 to Hawaii from the mainland... only a few gallons short, 57, according to FS2004 flight planer but the distance the aircraft is rated on full tanks is ok...

There is a lot of good real world info at this site.

Check them out:


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