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I need help quick, PLEASE!

axflyer Guest

HELP Anyone

My fs2004 won't work, everytime I try to start it a get this error message that changes , one time it's got something to do witha memory cache and another time it's incompatible software

I recently installed an addon called "xtrawater", could that have cause it

PLease any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Do you happen to have any specs for your machine? HDD, processor, video? O/S would help too. Have you updated to FS9.1? We will need more information please.

axflyer Guest

I've played it before heaps. It just started not working recently
My specs are
NVIDIA GE force4 mx440
128mb ddr memory
%12 333mhz ddr sdram memory
2.53Ghz intel pentium 4 processor

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Uninsatll xtrawater and see if that helps.
Be sure to get all of it.


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