What combat FS to play?

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I'm also looking for a Combat Flight Sim...

Is CFS3 the one to get?
or IL2...

Any input would be great..

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From what I've read CFS2 or IL2.
IL2 will probably work better in XP and is newer.


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Radarman is right, i went from CFS2 to CFS3 thinking it would be better, but it's rubbish. CFS2 is far superior in every aspect but is a bit gamey. Whereas IL-2 and IL-2 Forgotten Battles are more realistic and simulator based.

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Please get IL2.. actually its IL2 Complete Edition i think.\

Ive flown the sim since the original IL2 about 4 yrs ago , and am a diehard addict.

Its far better than CFS. Plus you can fly/fight online via Hyperlobby which has multiple rooms that people havae open for dogfights, and coops.. I usually hang out in there .. lol.

Plus you can download skins from sites that are for IL2/Pacific Fighters.

I can go on and on but below is the best link to get started .

try this link..

its the IL2 site with missions, updates, news, etc.. very informative.

Hope to see you in the IL2 community soon.


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My favourite was always Janes USAF, but it's not XP friendly Crying or Very sad

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